Over the years, the Ducal Palace has been greatly sought after for several private, family and public events. The several areas of the Paço have been the chosen stage for these events due to its versatility and beauty.

If you wish to venue hire one of the most emblematic monuments in Portugal for a dinner, cocktail, concert, meeting, conference, seminar or other, you can contact us.

Contacto: Dr. Celso Mesquita
Tel. 253 412 273

On 2015, January 1 new Terms & Regulations for Venue Hiring were approved. They are as follows:

A. Terms and Canditions of Venue Hire.pdf
ANEXO I. Venue Hire Form
ANEXO II. Contract
ANEXO III. Inspection Sheet
ANEXO IV. Disclaimer
ANEXO V. Overtime Fee List
ANEXO VI. Fee List